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Hand-Tied Wefts

6 Wefts  per pack

20" 100g per pack

22" 100g per pack

All lengths 11" wide wefts

Texture:  Straight 


The extensions can last 9-12 months with proper hair care. We have an EXTENSION CARE GUIDE that you can share with you clients! 


Swatch Match

HOTHEADS: Mix of #60 & #70

BOHYME: Finely mixed with no root #T18/22/60

HAIRDREAMS: Mix of #60 & #13


*All HOTHEAD color swatches are form the x104 color ring

*All BOHYME color swatches are from the LUXE Ring

*All HAIRDREAMS is from their main swatch ring



Meant Beauty Signature Hair Extensions

100% Top Grade Human Hair

100% Remy Hair (Cuticle intact and all laying down in the same direction.)

No silicone

Easy to customize 

Lays flat on the head so there is no bulkiness at the base.

They color so easily because of how thin the wefts are.

No need to color the seam with a sharpie like you do with a lot of the hybrid wefts,  it colors perfectly with the color you use at the root.

Stackable to allow for custom coloring and to match the density of the hair.



Q: If they have no silicone, how are they so shiny?

A: The do come treated with a hair oil to sustain them in packaging. Also, our hair is shiny even after the first few washes because of the nature of the way it was processed.


Q: How do I know how much hair to order?

A: For most clients:

1 row to add only thickness with no additional  length it is 3-5 wefts.

2 rows to add both thickness and length

20” 8-11 wefts

22” 10-12 wefts

24” 11-12 wefts


Q: What happens if I ordered too much hair?

A: We do accept returns of whole packs or single wefts. Must match original order, i.e - if it was a full pack, it must be returned as a full pack. Must be in original condition in original packaging with any ties or bands.


Q: What if I have an issue with the hair?

A: We take pride in our customer service and will be happy to evaluate any issues you are having.